Snorkeling in Sarasota

If you enjoy snorkeling, you'll love a vacation in Siesta Key/Sarasota. There are great locations to go snorkeling in Sarasota that are little known to many residents and visitors. Here are a few options for your snorkeling experience:


Point-of-Rocks is located on Siesta Key at the south end of Crescent Beach. If you decide to try this spot, make sure to get there early for the best beach access. This spot is easiest to reach by walking south along the beach.

Point-of-Rocks is the largest rock formation on Florida's Gulf Coast and the most well-known snorkeling location in Sarasota. This location is good for beginners--the water is shallow and clear most of the time. The limestone rocks, coral and marine life makes for a delightful snorkeling experience.

Nokomis Beach

The rocks here form an abutment to the north side of the Venice Jetty. This snorkeling spot is good for getting a look at the variety of fish, sand dollars, starfish and shells in the area.

USS Regina

Another snorkeling location, if you're feeling adventurous, is a shipwreck located 100 yards offshore of Anna Maria Island's Bradenton Beach. The USS Regina is a 90 foot freighter that sank in 1940. The USS Regina is protected by Florida law from disturbance, excavation and removal of artifacts. If you decide to snorkel in this area, make sure to put down a diver down flag.

Other Important Information

  • With all snorkeling, water conditions are dependent on weather, wind and tides. The morning is a good time for snorkeling, ensuring that you get parking access and that the wind is not too strong.
  • Some equipment that would be helpful to bring would include snorkel, mask, fins and a diver down flag. If you decide to snorkel in the winter, don't forget to bring a 3/2 wet suit.
  • While snorkeling, take care not to disturb, remove or excavate any of the marine life. Doing so is against Florida law and could potentially cause damage to the natural habitat.

Be safe and enjoy catching a glimpse of life under the sea!

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