Useful Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Day at the Beach

Vacationers come to the Sarasota area for many reasons, but one attraction stands head and shoulders over the rest. Siesta Key has some of the best beaches in the world and many plan their trip around these strips of white, sandy paradise. As the brief Florida winters quickly give way to spring and summer, more and more visitors and locals alike will head to Siesta Key for a day of fun and sun. Being prepared ahead of time, taking consideration of others and doing our part to protect the coastline environment will ensure that your beach day will be one to remember and not one to forget. We’ve compiled some helpful beach tips for both seasoned and novice beachgoers.

Leave the Beach Cleaner Than You Found It

It seems obvious enough, but there are still of plenty of beachgoers that bring food and beverages to the beach and leave their garbage behind. It’s unsightly, it’s bad for wildlife and it’s totally unnecessary. If possible, try to avoid bringing non-recyclable items to the beach. Instead, opt for reusable bags, titanium straws and reusable water bottles. If that’s not possible, use the trash bins to throw everything away at the end of your visit. If the bins are overflowing, take your trash home and dispose of it there. Keeping our beaches, and our environment, in general, is something we all need to take responsibility for.

Keep Items in a Mesh Bag

Sand has the nasty habit of getting everywhere, and that includes getting in your bags where you keep your sunscreen, car keys, wallet, etc. Instead, pack your belongings in a mesh bag this is definitely one of our great beach tips. Yes, sand will get into the bag but it also falls back out without you having to do a thing. Your car and hotel room will thank you.

Freeze Your Water Bottles

It’s critically important to stay hydrated when outdoors, but no one wants to drink warm water on a hot day and many of us fail to estimate how fast a cold drink can turn warm or even hot on the beach. One of our most important beach tips, freeze your water bottles ahead of time doubles as an ice pack to help you keep your food cold in your cooler longer. As the day progresses, the water bottles will thaw out and leave you with a much-needed cold drink.

Keep the Volume Down

Nothing ruins the peaceful sound of the waves crashing on the shore like being forced to listen to someone else’s music blaring from nearby speakers. Don’t be that jerk. Just because you love your type of music doesn’t mean everyone else does. We live in an age of unlimited, and quite affordable, types of earbuds and headphones that are readily available. Use them. Now you can crank up the volume as loud as you want without disturbing anyone.

Have an Infant? Bring a Fitted Sheet

Sometimes it’s nice to create a sand-free environment for your little one, but that can be difficult unless you bring a portable crib with you to the beach. Instead, bring a deep pocket fitted sheet along and place large, heavy items like coolers and duffel bags on all four corners to keep it upright. Now you have an enclosure that keeps sand from getting in and your infant from getting out.

Be Considerate, Don’t Throw Caution to the Wind

How many times have you showered with sunscreen or sand because someone sitting next to you sprays the sunscreen or shakes their towel without checking which way the wind is blowing? It’s rude and intrusive. If your beach spot is close enough that your neighbors are going to feel the effects of what the wind will carry to them, get up and walk away from the crowd before you spray yourself and shake that towel.

Bring Baby Powder

This is a great idea for those times when there are no public showers to rinse off after a day at the beach. Just sprinkle some baby powder on your hands and feet. The powder will help dry those areas and the sand comes right off. Once again, your car and hotel room will thank you.

Use Bio-Degradable Sunscreen

Yes, a lot of sunscreens are cheap and readily available but the harsh chemicals that are contained in them can be harmful to coral reefs and other delicate ocean ecosystems. Prepare ahead and search for an eco-friendly biodegradable sunscreen. They will still protect you from the sun, but will be much better for the environment.

A day at the beach can be fun for the whole family especially when you follow our suggested beach tips. Being prepared, being considerate to others and protecting our environment will make the day even more enjoyable for us and those around us.

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