Nine Commonly Forgotten Vacation Items

Planning for you Siesta Key beach vacation is fun and exciting. You’ve booked your room at the Inn on Siesta Key, you’ve looked over the events page and made a list of the attractions that you want to visit while you’re there… so, you feel like you’ve planned your trip like a pro, right?

No matter how much you plan, it still seems that most people forget to pack something for their getaway. And while the Inn on Siesta Key provides many amenities for our guests, there are still some things you don’t want to spend your time and money chasing down while you are on vacation. So here’s a list of the most commonly forgotten vacation items.


You may laugh now, but you won’t be if you have to run out and buy a new set of underwear because you forgot to pack yours. We often take so much time planning the perfect clothes to bring on vacation, that underwear sometimes gets (literally) left behind.

Warm Clothing

Yes, this is Florida and yes, many times you won’t need that sweater… but it can get chilly in the mornings and evenings, especially in the non-summer months. And if you are warm-blooded, it’s good to pack something warmer even in the summer months if you are going to an indoor event that has the air conditioning blasting you with cold air if you happen to be seated directly under a air vent.


We’ve all done it. We’ve all overlooked toothpaste, razors, deodorant, etc. Yes, they are easy items that can be bought at the local drugstore, but trying to find a shop as soon as you get to your destination is no way to begin a vacation. Bathroom items are usually the last items to be packed, so it makes sense they are often forgotten. Make a list with “Bathroom Products” circled in red.

Glasses, Contacts and Solution

Most bathroom items are easily replaceable, but what if you forgot your prescription glasses or contacts. Getting a prescription filled when you’re away from home can be a hassle. Make sure these items are prepared and that you have back-ups too. Unexpected broken glasses are lost contacts are not fun to deal with on vacation. But if you brought extras, your getaway goes on without missing a beat.

Your Phone Chargers and Power Cords

We usually don’t think about chargers for our electronic devices until they are about to die. Then, and you’ll see it everywhere, one spouse looks at another and asks, “Did you pack the charger?” Uh-oh. Make a list of everything that needs a charger or power cord; cameras, phones, laptops, etc, and pack it the same time you pack the device. Otherwise, you’ll be paying a lot more for one if you’re at an amusement park or at a beach-side shop.

Your Prescription Medications

Forgetting the medications you must have is going to take a chunk out of your time while you call doctors and wait for it to be filled by a local pharmacy. And nothing takes the fun out of vacation like waiting for hours in a pharmacy lobby. Check and double-check all medications before leaving home and make sure you have enough for your entire trip plus a few extra in case your flight is delayed or postponed.

Your Swimsuit

You would think that everyone headed to Siesta Key would pack their swimsuit, but it’s a very common item to forget. You’ll be spending a lot of time in your swimsuit, so don’t just pack one. Pack a few for every person in your group, so while one dries, you can wear another to lounge about by the pool or beach.

An Umbrella & Ziplock Bags

You never know when a quick rain shower will pop up over Florida. It’s always good to bring an umbrella for you and some plastic bags to keep your phone, wallet and camera in so they stay dry at all times.

A Belt

We’ve seen many men pack a dress shirt, slacks and shoes – only to forget their belt. Look around at dressier restaurants or concert halls, and you’ll see at least a few men constantly pulling up their pants. Please, don’t let this happen to you.

Lessons Learned

Making a list early on helps you plan ahead and allows you to continuously add items as you think of them. If you make a list at the last minute, your mind will forget things and it’ll be too late. And please remember, put everything on the list.

Many people don’t list the obvious things, then it’s these things (see above) that get left at home.  We hope this helps you make the very most out of your vacation!

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