Helpful Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know

Traveling to a new destination should be fun and exciting; however, sometimes, the journey can be filled with stress and anxiety if things go wrong or the unexpected happens. Knowing these travel hacks can help you travel like a pro and take the worry out of your trip. After all, traveling should be all about escaping your stressful environment and finding some peace and relaxation. These hacks will hopefully allow you to get the most out of your next getaway.

Scan Important Documents and Email Them to Yourself

It’s wise to backup your passport, flight info, and ID just in case they are lost or stolen during your flight, especially when traveling out of the country. This could be a lifesaver if something should go wrong and you need to prove who you are.

Never Pay for Airport Water

There are restrictions for carrying liquid through airports, but that doesn’t mean you are stuck paying the high prices for a bottle of water. Bring an empty bottle through security, then fill it up at a water fountain, and you are good to go.

Roll Your Clothes

This is one of our favorite hacks. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them up like a tube. You will have more room in your suitcase, and it helps stop wrinkles and creases, so you won’t need to iron once you get to your destination.

Insert a Rolled-up Belt inside a Shirt Collar

If you have a folded dress shirt that you aren’t going to roll, try inserting a rolled-up belt inside the collar. In addition to saving space, it will also keep the collar stiff and looking good.

Store Rolled Socks in Your Packed Shoes

Space is always an issue when traveling. Don’t let that space inside shoes that are being packed go to waste. Roll up your socks and stuff them inside these shoes.

Use a Shower Cap to Pack Your Shoes

Shoes will probably be the dirtiest thing you put in your suitcase. Protect your other items by wrapping your shoes in a shower cap.

Use Old Contact Lens Cases for Makeup

Bringing full-sized products like foundation, eye cream, and other liquid makeup products doesn’t make sense when you have limited space. Putting these products into contact lens cases will save you a lot of space in your toiletry bag.

Transfer Perfume or Cologne to Sample Bottles

Full-size bottle of perfume or cologne are also a pain when traveling. Transferring a small amount to a sample spray bottle makes much more sense and takes up a fraction of the room.

Use Straws to pack Necklaces and Chains

Nothing is worse than spending time on vacation to untangle fine necklaces and chains. Try running the chain through a straw, then clasping it shut. The straw will keep it from being a tangled ball of frustration when you get to the hotel room.

Wear Cargo Pants or Shorts

In essence, these are wearable luggage! Not only can you put a lot of items in these extra pockets, but it also lets you keep valuable belongings on you at all times, like passports, keys, and cell phones.

Charge Your Electronics through the Hotel Television

It’s easy to lose or forget your wall charger; however, most TVs now have USB connectors on the back or side. Just plug in your device, and you won’t need that darn wall charger after all.

Use Tic-Tac Containers to Store Small Items

Safety pins and hairpins can be essential items while traveling; however, they can also be easily lost. Save those empty Tic-Tac containers and fill them up with these small items.

Use an Empty Chapstick Container to Store Emergency Cash

Chapstick containers are perfect to store some rolled-up hidden cash in case you need it, and it’s small enough to carry anywhere in your luggage or in your pocket.

Follow the Flight Crew

Navigating an airport that you’ve never been to before can be stressful. Try following a flight crew. They usually know the shortest ways to get around the airport. They also tend to know the best restaurants.

Call Your Credit Card Company before Travelling Abroad

We’ve heard many stories about credit card companies suspending accounts due to suspicious activity when people try to use the cards overseas. Don’t let this happen to you. A quick call to let them know where you are traveling will prevent this from happening and give you peace of mind.

Use a Pants Hanger to Keep Hotel Blinds Closed

Waking up early because of a small gap in the hotel drapes is a huge pet peeve for many travelers. Securing the blinds with the trouser clips from a pants hanger is a great way to avoid the blinding sliver of light at 6 am.

Buy Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Start off your vacation with a little peace and serenity by investing in a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Trust us; they are a game-changer, especially when the baby in the seat behind you starts to cry uncontrollably.

Use Beeswax to Waterproof your Shoes

If unexpected rain or flooding occurs, protect your shoes quickly by rubbing them with beeswax. You can also waterproof a cloth bag or a backpack too.

Lose the stress and enjoy your trip more with these handy travel hacks. Not all of these are for everyone, but many of us can use a lot of these tips to make our travel experience much better.

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