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When many tourists plan a vacation, the big chain hotel resorts immediately pop in the search results. After all, the big resorts have large amounts of cash, hundreds of rooms and a brand that is known around the world. But does that big box store feel always equate to the best vacation, what is the best value in hotels? And is an enormous resort always the best place to stay when it comes to your Siesta Key vacation?

Dealing with hundreds of customers at a time, a big hotel has no choice but to deal in volume. This involves less personal attention and a loss of the local feel. A big chain hotel is going to look and feel the same in virtually any city of the world. That may be fine in some areas, but at Siesta Key, you may not experience as much of the quintessential beauty and coastal charm that the area in known for.

At the Inn on Siesta Key, you'll never feel like a number. With six cozy units, we specialize in knowing our guests' names and giving personable customer service to everyone that stays with us. You'll get to see historic Florida through The Cottage, one of the oldest buildings on Siesta Key. You'll never feel rushed or crowded at the Inn on Siesta Key. If you want peace and relaxation, you'll find it easier to unwind here than anywhere else. We have a secluded swimming pool for your enjoyment and the beach is just a few steps from the Inn.

Of course, if you want activities, there are plenty of things to see and do in Siesta Key, and the Inn is right in the center of the fun. From water sports to bicycling to nightlife and shopping, it's just a short walk away. There are no waiting for elevators or walking through mazes to find your way out of a hotel lobby. The Inn on Siesta Key gives you the best of all worlds, without the crowded feel of a massive resort. And reasonably priced, the Inn is a much better overall deal than a luxury hotel.

Also, included in your room rate at the Inn on Siesta Key is an impressive list of amenities you won't find anywhere else; fully equipped kitchens, including a stove, refrigerator and dishwasher; propane gas grills; beach chairs and umbrellas; free laundry facilities; flat screen TVs and DVD players; free WIFI, etc.

So when planning a visit to Siesta Key or the greater Sarasota area, check out the Inn on Siesta Key before you book a big hotel chain. Chances are, the larger resorts won't stack up to the coastal charm, beauty, seclusion and amenities that the Inn on Siesta Key can offer.

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