Traveling During the Coronavirus Pandemic

While traveling can always bring on some anxiety, traveling during the pandemic can heap even more stress on people’s lives. We’re living in an age of new rules, some that can be very strict. However, by planning ahead and taking extra precautions, you can still enjoy your vacation and keep your family as safe as possible.

Traveling by plane or automobile now requires more thought and more flexibility than ever before. Whether you are flying or driving to your destination, here are a few tips to staying safe while traveling.


  • Maintain a safe distance between you and others whenever possible.
  • Avoid crowds.
  • Wear a cloth face covering.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes.
  • Clean your hands often.
  • Check your destination’s coronavirus restrictions before you go.

CHECK TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS – Some states have quarantine rules in place, meaning they may require you to stay inside for up to two weeks upon arrival.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK – Check the number of cases and hospitalizations at your destination. Have cases risen or fallen in the past two weeks?

CARRY AN EXTRA SET OF MASKS & GLOVES – In this time, many places require you to wear a face mask. Gloves are also a great way to keep from touching surfaces when you are traveling during the pandemic. What happens if you should lose your face mask or gloves during traveling? Unfortunately, it happens, and there might not be a place nearby to easily pick up another. If you need to hop on a plane or get on a bus immediately, you might be out of luck unless you are carrying a spare. We recommend keeping an extra face mask and pair of gloves for every member of your travel party.

AVOID CONNECTING FLIGHTS IF POSSIBLE – Direct flights allow you to avoid spending time in another airport, which is one less location you might come in contact with the virus.

Below are a list of things you should consider packing for your upcoming trip.

HAND SANITIZER – Pack plenty for everyone in your travel party. Also, make sure it is accessible at all times. Hand sanitizer can be used instead of soap and water if needed.

DISINFECTANT WIPES – It is a good idea to have plenty of wipes handy for gas pumps, steering wheels, door handles and other surfaces. When it doubt, wipe it out.

MEDICINE – Bring enough medicine for your entire trip. If you need to, stock up at a pharmacy before you go. You never know when short supplies could put you at risk of not having what you need.

NON-PERISHABLE FOOD – Making stops for food, especially snacks along a highway or at an airport puts you and your companions in close contact with other people and surfaces. Avoid as many stops as possible by having bottled water, sodas and non-perishable food on hand.

PILLOWS – Many people prefer their own pillow at night, so if you are driving or have the space in a suitcase, consider taking yours along. Since it comes in close contact with your face, their own pillow can give them peace of mind when they are away from home and traveling during the pandemic.

By planning ahead and taking these precautions, you can help keep your family safe while traveling during the pandemic and alleviate some of the stress that many people feel during this unprecedented time.

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