Thinking Out of the Box: Unusual but Useful Travel Tips

There are hundreds of really useful travel tips out in cyberspace, however you will find many of them everywhere you look. How about some unique or unusual travel tips that aren’t found on everyone’s list? To defeat Murphy’s Law when we travel, it sometimes means getting a little creative. Today, we’ll think outside the box and offer up some useful travel tips that you may not find on your usual travel tips list.

When Flying with a Companion, Don’t Choose the Middle Seat

Here is one of our unexpected but useful travel tips, when selecting your seats online, select the window and aisle seats. When other passengers check-in to choose their seats, they’ll be less likely to select that middle seat, giving you and your companion a much better chance to have the row to yourselves. If the flight is full and someone does select that seat, just ask to switch seats. They will most likely jump at the chance to take the aisle or window seat rather than be sandwiched in between the two of you.

Ask For a Phone Charger

It happens to all of us, you check into your hotel and discover you left your phone charger at home. Before you scramble to the nearest store to purchase one, ask your front desk is there is one you can borrow. Phone chargers are the number one most common item that is left behind in hotel rooms, so there’s a good chance they’ll have a few to choose from.

Do Your Own Laundry

Hotel laundry fees are incredibly expensive. Instead, bring some travel-size boxes of laundry detergent or some Tide Pods when you travel. You can hand wash your clothes in the bathroom sink and avoid sitting around the hotel laundromat.

Keep a Dummy Wallet on You

We hope it never happens to you, but muggings do occasionally happen and tourists can be targets. We suggest keeping your real wallet or money clip well hidden from sight and a second wallet/money clip easily accessible. We also suggest keeping some small bills and maybe a few of those sample credit cards you get with offers in the mail to make it look more legit. In the case of a real robbery, it gives you something to throw, giving you time to run and get away with your real wallet.

Help Avoid Food Poisoning

Depending on the country you are visiting, food-borne illnesses are something you need to be aware of and do your best to avoid. Taking two Pepto-Bismol pills an hour before any meal can actually reduce the possibility of food-borne illnesses by up to 80%

One Soap for Everything

Packing one multi-purpose soap like Dr. Bronner’s Soap can take the place of many and save a lot of room in your suitcase. You can wash your face, body, hair, hands, and even your clothes with a multi-purpose soap. A bar soap can even be used on your suitcase zipper teeth if the zipper is getting stuck.

Add Duct Tape to Expensive Electronics

While this may sound silly, adding some well-placed pieces of duct tape makes it look like your expensive equipment has been broken. Thieves will generally pass it up for something newer and more easily pawned.

Pack a Portable Power Strip

Some hotel rooms have surprisingly few outlets, which can be a hassle for today’s modern, electronically sophisticated traveler. There are a number of companies that make compact power strips for travelers. Some even come with built-in USB ports and some even offer surge protection.

Bring a Stack of Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets have a number of great uses and take up virtually no extra room in a suitcase. After a hard day of walking around the city or amusement parks, place a dryer sheet in each shoe. It will help mask the smell and even aerate your shoes so they are ready to go for the next morning. Does your hotel/motel room smell musty? Place a sheet or two behind the air conditioning grill to help the room smell fresher.

Pack Some Microfiber Towels

When Murphy’s Law comes into play when traveling, it often times involves getting wet. Extra towels can be a lifesaver and microfiber towels dry much faster than regular ones. They also take up less space than normal towels in your suitcase. We recommend packing one or two microfiber towels for every member of your traveling party.

Expect the unexpected when traveling. That means being as prepared as possible. These useful travel tips may seem somewhat unusual, but they can be just the ticket to stay one step ahead of Murphy and his infamous Law.

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