New Year Travel Resolutions for 2022

For the last few years, traveling has been a wait-and-see game many of us had to play.  New COVID variants have made making travel plans a toss of the dice.  The beginning of 2022 looks to be more of the same, but for us who still are determined to travel, we just need to be flexible and not let closures and delays ruin our fun.

With 2022 here, the following travel resolutions for 2022 may help us keep that right attitude and sense of adventure that should always go along with traveling, no matter what happens with variants, mandates, closures, and restrictions.

Fewer Gadgets, More Interaction

We know when most of our friends and family travel because you will see a nonstop stream of selfies and commentary on social media.  2022 is a time to be different.  Leave the phones and gadgets in your hotel room.  It’s time to experience the world through your own eyes, not through a screen.  If you must take photos or videos for your own memories, limit it to just a few hours, maybe on one day.  The rest of the time, meet new people, talk to your food server rather than taking photos of your food to show your friends and family back home, and soak in the local culture.  Your brain will process more and you will use more of your senses when you are not looking through an artificial lens.

Try Three New Foods

Whether you are traveling to another country, another state or going 30 miles from home, make a point to try three new foods during your vacation.  Many times we play it too safe when we dine out.  Explore new entrees or desserts this time.  Let your taste palate have an adventure too.  Who knows, you might discover a new favorite dish.

Find a New Mode of Transportation

Most of our time, our traveling habits never change.  We hope on a plane and then into a rental car.  Clean, easy, and safe.  On your next trip, change it up a bit.  Maybe take a train.  How about a helicopter, hot air balloon or a water taxi?  Take a mode of transportation that you’ve never taken before.  It immediately tells your inner self that this trip will be different.

Do Something Uncomfortable

Afraid of heights?  Go parasailing.  Do underwater creatures scare you?  Take scuba diving lessons.  Do amusement park rides give you the willies?  Get on that roller coaster.  This year, get out of your comfort zone and do at least one thing that you find uncomfortable.  Take some chances and discover how you feel afterward.  Most likely, the more you get out of your comfort zone, the more you will want to face new challenges.  Your entire attitude will change for the better.

Use All of Your Vacation Days

It’s hard to believe, but Americans waste nearly 800 million unused vacation days each year.  That means that approximately 55% of us did not use all of our paid vacation time.  For some reason, many Americans feel guilty about taking time off.  In 2022, forget the guilt trip and take a real trip.  Use every single one of your vacation days, even if it means taking more long weekends or extending your trip by a few days.  You work hard.  Take advantage of the days off that you’ve earned.

Leave the List at Home

Oftentimes, we try to pack so much into our vacation that we come home more tired than before we left.  Then, it’s back to work without our batteries being recharged.  Avoid running from one tourist attraction to the next.  This year, forget the vacation lists and relax!

There’s no doubt that 2022 will throw us a few curveballs.  However, if we have the right attitude it doesn’t have to affect our vacation time.  If your vacation plans change, then adapt.  Make these 2022 travel resolutions right now and see how fun taking a trip can be, no matter what the circumstances.  No huge expectations.  No rigorous schedule.  Just have fun and relax.

Also, remember that Florida is open for business.  Come down to Siesta Key and we promise to show you a great time!

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