Why You Should Take a Romantic Getaway

Let’s face it; life in general is a struggle. Sometimes we get so busy with the hustle and bustle of making a living that we put the ‘living’ part on hold. That’s not good for our stress level. It’s not good for our family and it’s certainly not good for romance. Fewer and fewer of us are putting a priority on our relationships and on planning to take a romantic getaway.

Romantic Getaways Create Renewed Connections

Couples need to continuously rekindle their connection or risk watching their passion for each other dwindle. Booking a romantic getaway allows you to fall in love all over again. Whether you’re young or old, taking a romantic getaway is a great way to strengthen your relationship and feel like honeymooners once more. When you plan a getaway, you are telling your partner that you desire one-on-one time with them. That is a great way for them to feel wanted and important.

Romantic Getaways Reduce Stress

Nothing reduces stress and anxiety like time away from where life’s daily challenges reside. Leave the guilt, worries, and procrastination behind and book that trip. It doesn’t have to be an expensive trip nor do you have to pack this vacation with wall-to-wall activities. Slow things down and just concentrate on each other. Studies show that regular romantic getaways lead to a better quality of life and improved work performance.

Romantic Getaways Can Actually Decrease Disease Risk

A study taken at the State University of New York at Oswego found that middle-aged men who routinely took vacations had a lower risk of overall death, especially from heart disease. Studies show that romantic getaways also help women’s mental health. This should come as no surprise to those who do take regular romantic trips. You will come back feeling refreshed and healthier than before.

Romantic Getaways Provide the Ambiance that We Can’t Get at Home

Your house is not always conducive to the right ambiance that creates a romantic mood. Screaming kids, barking dogs, piles of laundry, and a broken sink are not things that will put you and your partner in the mood. That is why romantic getaways are so important. A walk along Siesta Key Beach while holding hands, a slow dance by candlelight or a sunset dinner at an intimate restaurant are perfect examples of the right ambiance to stoke those romantic fires.

So where do we suggest? Siesta Key is one of the most romantic places in the U.S. Located near Sarasota, Siesta Key is a barrier island on the Gulf of Mexico and home to Siesta Key Beach, one of the best beaches in America and has many beachside amenities. Famous for its white sand and shallow waters, the area is also known for its world-class shops, restaurants, and nightlife.

Of course, a true romantic getaway doesn’t include a big box hotel with thousands of other guests. If you really want to rekindle the magic, try a more intimate experience like the Lookout room at the Inn on Siesta Key. Just steps away from Siesta Key Beach, the Inn on Siesta Key captures the true essence of historic beach life. The small, impeccably clean property has a vintage Florida feel with a heated pool and lots of privacy for its guests. The Lookout, an upstairs suite with a roomy balcony, has a small glimpse of the Gulf of Mexico between the two homes across the street.

There are many reasons why you should take a romantic getaway. Plan it together or surprise your mate. We know this much. Once you take your first trip to Siesta Key, it won’t be your last.

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