This Summer’s Top New Attractions at Florida’s Theme Parks

If you are headed down to Florida this summer, there’s probably a good chance you will be visiting at least one of Florida’s theme parks.  Every park features many tried and true classic attractions that guests look forward to, but there always seem to be a few new attractions that keep visitors coming back.  This year is no exception.  Here are this summer’s top new attractions at Florida’s theme parks.

Pipeline:  The Surf Coaster at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld’s seventh coaster is getting a lot of buzz because riders are standing on a surfboard-like vehicle.  Coaster enthusiasts can surf the waves at speeds of 60 mph as the coaster twists and turns, including a wave curl inversion.  The secret is an innovative dynamic seat that gives you unparalleled freedom of movement.

Serengeti Flyer at Busch Gardens, Tampa

The Serengeti Flyer is a pendulum-style swing ride that is the tallest and fastest of its kind.  With each swing, riders will soar higher above the expansive 65-acre Serengeti Plain while experiencing multiple negative-G movements.  Riders will reach a height of 135 feet with speeds reaching 68 mph.

TRON Lightcycle Run at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park

This highly anticipated attraction has opened and is one of the fastest coasters at any Disney theme park.  Climb aboard your Lightcycle and take off on a high-speed adventure set inside the exciting world of the Grid.

Villain-Con Minion Blast at Universal Orlando

(Opening this summer, 2023)

This attraction will combine screen technology, gaming interactivity, and elaborate physical sets to create a game-based adventure where riders will face obstacles and lots of mischievous Minions as they put their skills to the test.

Pirate River Quest at LEGOLAND Florida

Families can now set sail with a rowdy crew of LEGO pirates to retrieve the lost treasure stolen by a troop of mischievous monkeys.  This 20-minute adventure is perfect for all family ages.

It’s been a busy construction year at Florida’s theme parks and now they are ready to show some of the best attractions that can be found anywhere in the world.  Now, your only problem will be deciding which theme park to visit first.

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