Tips for Successful Shopping While on Vacation

Your camera will capture a lot of great memories on your vacation, but sometimes it’s nice to bring back something tangible from your trip.  Shopping at a new location can also be exciting and a nice change of pace from the beach.  What should you and shouldn’t you buy when traveling?  In this guide, we’ll show you the best tips for shopping while on vacation.

Make a Budget

When you are having fun on a vacation, staying on a budget may be the furthest thing on your mind.  Don’t regret that vacation later on by spending too much.  Make a budget ahead of time and stick to it.  That way there won’t be any surprises later on when the credit card bills arrive.

Research Before You Leave

By doing some research ahead of time, you’ll find out what types of local items you may be interested in purchasing.  You can also find a price range of what others purchased for similar items.  Doing some research ahead of time also allows for a better insight into how to budget for your trip.

Have Fun Haggling

If you are visiting cruise ship ports or other areas of the world with local markets, it is wise to learn how to haggle.  There are plenty of videos that will give you lots of tips on the art of haggling.  The best piece of advice is to make sure you bring plenty of small bills and don’t wave large bills around.  If they think you have plenty to spend, the vendors won’t come down in price.  Silence can work in your favor too.  It shows you’re thinking about it but hasn’t made up your mind.  That’s when they will usually offer a lower price.

Avoid Chain Stores

Why would you want to buy something and lug it back home if you can buy it there?  We like to support small businesses and search for unique items that you can’t find elsewhere.  In the long run, it will mean more to you or the person you are gifting it to.

Don’t Even Think About Counterfeits

In most European countries, counterfeits are frowned upon and can lead to substantial fines for you.  That’s because authorities are cracking down on those who buy counterfeits just as much as those who sell them.  When in doubt, pass on a designer item that seems too good for the price.

Pass on the Souvenir Shops

Let’s face it, those spontaneous purchases at the souvenir shop never stand the test of time.  They are usually forgotten about, or thrown out, after a week or two.  Not only that but those items are usually made in a factory thousands of miles away.  This vacation, make every purchase count.  Find unique items made locally that will bring back memories for years to come or will be a gift the recipient will truly love.

Just because you are limited by your suitcase doesn’t mean you can’t shop for some truly unique items on your vacation.  Items that are small and meaningful can be money well spent.  This year, follow these tips for a shopping experience that won’t leave you regretting your purchases.

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