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Great Day Trips From Siesta Key
Day Trip Options From Siesta Key & Sarasota There is a lot to do in Siesta Key and the Greater Sarasota area, including the amazing beaches, shopping, and dining options, as well as numerous cultural attractions. However, there is something to be said about jumping in the car and exploring on your own. The good news... Read More
Planning a Romantic Getaway
Valentine’s Day is a great time to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. However, planning a romantic getaway, whether on Valentines' or not, can be a much-needed break to reconnect with your partner. Here are some ways to plan for a romantic getaway that will be cherished long after the getaway is over. It’s... Read More
Thinking Out of the Box: Unusual Travel Tips You Can Really Use
There are hundreds of really useful travel tips out in cyberspace, however you will find many of them everywhere you look. How about some unique or unusual travel tips that aren’t found on everyone’s list? To defeat Murphy’s Law when we travel, it sometimes means getting a little creative. Today, we’ll think outside the box and offer up some useful travel tips that you ... Read More
Can’t Miss 2020 Holiday Events for Sarasota
For many reasons, 2020 will be a year that we will never forget. As we head into the last month of the calendar year, it’s time to make some good memories and let December take some of the stress out of this challenging time. While some of the annual holiday events may be canceled, the following events are still on as... Read More
2020 October Events In And Around The Greater Sarasota Area
While there may not be a chill in the air yet, October in Sarasota still brings a variety of events that remind us of fall, including the spooky variety. Because of COVID-19, there might not be as many Halloween events and fall festivals as usual taking place this year, but there are still plenty of can’t-miss opportunities to get outdoors and have some fun with family ... Read More
5 Places for Something Cool In Siesta Key
As Florida gets back to normal, post-coronavirus, and welcomes tourists back to the state, the heat and humidity also come back. June is a perfect month for the beaches, water sports and other outdoor activities. By the afternoon, many people are looking for something refreshing and chilled to counterbalance a day out in the heat. Here are our top 5 places for something... Read More
As the restrictions on the COVID-19 pandemic begin to ease, many tourists will once again be able to travel to Siesta Key and enjoy all the things this little stretch of paradise has to offer. While social distancing may keep us from experiencing everything as we have in the past, there will certainly be opportunities to have fun under the sun this summer. Here are seve... Read More
Top 5 Museums in the Greater Sarasota Area
Sarasota has plenty of year-round events and entertainment to please everyone’s taste, but there are also some wonderful museums that people often overlook when they spend time in the area on vacation or for business trips. These museums can offer something for everyone as well, and a day trip to one of these museums can be an unexpected highlight. Read More
Top 7 Romantic Restaurants in Sarasota
With Valentine’s Day nestled in the middle of the month, February has always been associated with love. If you are visiting Siesta Key and the Greater Sarasota area during February, it wouldn’t be complete without at least one romantic meal. Luckily, Sarasota has some wonderful restaurants that offer delicious cuisine and a romantic atmosphere that will rekindle your ... Read More
5 Places for the Best BBQ in Sarasota
January is one of the coolest months in Florida.  Although the temperatures won’t be as frigid as up north, our sweater weather is a great time to enjoy some BBQ heat.  If you enjoy good BBQ, the Greater Sarasota area has some great restaurants for you to try. Here are our top 5 go-to places for BBQ. Read More
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