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Where to go for the Best Lobster in Sarasota
There’s something about being around the beach that brings out an appetite for seafood, and the seafood of choice for many is a good lobster.  While many places in Sarasota serve great seafood, we can narrow that list down to the ones that serve a lobster that is to die for.  Here, we’ll show you where to go for the best lobster in Sarasota. ... Read More
Best Steakhouses in Sarasota
Vacations can often be casual times when you want to stay in shorts and flip-flops and beach fare is the norm.  However, it is also nice to get dressed up once in a while and enjoy a really good steak.  Luckily, Sarasota has a number of great restaurants that serve up juicy steak that can be savored and enjoyed at your leisure.  When you feel you want a better cut of me... Read More
The Most Unique Restaurants in Florida
Florida has its share of great restaurants and themed attractions.  However, there are a few restaurants that combine food with their own crazy atmosphere.  These places are unique spots that have to be seen to be believed.  Here are the most unique restaurants in Florida. Clar... Read More
Best Mexican Restaurants in Sarasota
There’s nothing better than munching on chips and salsa while sipping on a margarita and waiting for a hot, delicious Mexican entrée straight from the kitchen.  No matter what part of the country you are from, your family will probably want a good Mexican dinner at least once while on vacation.  Lucky for you, Sarasota has some great restaurants that gather their inspir... Read More
The Best Places on Siesta Key to Catch Live Music
Spending a day at the Siesta Key beaches is always a great time, but there are things to do after dinner too here on this small island.  If you love getting out and shaking the sand off after the sun goes down, there are a few places known for their live music around the island.  Here are the best places to catch live music on Siesta Key. Read More
Best Pizza Places on Siesta Key
There’s no stretch in saying that the U.S. loves pizza.  94% of all Americans admit to eating pizza regularly.  In fact, Americans eat approximately 100 acres of pizza each day – that’s about 350 slices every second.  It makes sense that people on vacation will look to indulge in some pizza as well.  Luckily, Siesta Key has some great places to satisfy those pizza urges... Read More
A Guide to Visiting Florida - Things to Know Before Your Trip
So you’ve booked your trip to Siesta Key and the entire family has become excited about visiting Florida for the first time.  What is Florida really like?  What can we expect?  There are thousands upon thousands of articles written about the sunshine state, in fact too many to possibly read.  Here, we want to give you a guide to visiting Florida, wha... Read More
Best Places for Family Fun in Sarasota
Vacationing with kids can be challenging in some aspects but rewarding in many ways.  It is a time to bond and make memories with your children/grandchildren that will last for the rest of their lives.  The Greater Sarasota area has an abundance of places designed for families looking to experience togetherness in a fun wholesome way.  Here are the best places for famil... Read More
Romantic One-Day Trips from Siesta Key
Siesta Key has so much to see and do, that many people stay close by for their entire vacation.  However, sometimes it’s nice to get away for the day and discover other areas of the Sunshine State.  With it being February, romance is on a lot of our minds.  What better way to spend Valentine’s Day, or a similar romantic day, and get out to explore Florida – just the two... Read More
New Year Travel Resolutions for 2022
For the last few years, traveling has been a wait-and-see game many of us had to play.  New COVID variants have made making travel plans a toss of the dice.  The beginning of 2022 looks to be more of the same, but for us who still are determined to travel, we just need to be flexible and not let closures and delays ruin our fun. Read More
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