Travel Safety Tips

Travel safety is always a crucial aspect to keep in mind.  While most travel is safe, it only takes a minute for you to let your guard down.  Here are some of the important travel safety tips that you should be aware of.
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Tips for Saving Money While on Vacation

A trip can easily get out of hand, there are some tips and tricks that will help you save some serious dough and travel on a budget.
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How to Avoid Scams While on Vacation

Here is our guide on how to avoid scams while on vacation.
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A Guide to Travel Insurance

When it comes to travel insurance, many of us are not sure how it works or why we need it.  In this guide, we will explain the pros and cons of travel insurance and whether it is right for you.
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Tips for Successful Shopping While on Vacation

In this guide, we’ll show you the best tips for shopping while on vacation.
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This Summer’s Top New Attractions at Florida’s Theme Parks

Every park features many tried and true classic attractions that guests look forward to, but there always seem to be a few new attractions that keep visitors coming back.
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Best Ways to Prevent or Minimize Jet Lag

It’s best to prepare in advance than to wait and see how it affects you.  Here are the best ways to prevent and minimize jet lag.
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Smart Ways to Beat the Florida Heat

With a little planning and a few precautions, you can still have a great time experiencing Florida all summer long.  Here are the smart ways to beat the Florida heat.
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Best German Restaurants in Sarasota

Luckily, the Sarasota area has some fantastic options for German cuisine that rival just about any other city in Florida.  Here are our top choices for the best German restaurants in Sarasota.
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