Activities for Adventurers in Sarasota

If you are seeking adventure, Sarasota more than have you covered.  Here are just a few of the many activities for adventurers in Sarasota that await you.
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Spring Training Baseball Games in Sarasota

If you're planning to attend spring training in Sarasota, here's a guide to help you make the most of your baseball experience.
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Eco-Tourism in Florida: Sustainable Travel Experiences

Eco-tourism in Florida offers visitors the opportunity to explore the state's diverse natural environments while promoting conservation and sustainability. 
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Florida’s Historic Locations:  A Journey Through Time

Florida’s historic locations and history span thousands of years, from the prehistoric cultures of Native Americans to the colonial era, the Civil War, and modern development.
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Traveling to Siesta Key With Your Dog

If you are looking for a pet-friendly town to visit, you have found a gem of a location at Siesta Key. There are plenty of sidewalks and many pet-friendly businesses that welcome four-legged friends.
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Valentine's Day on Siesta Key

There's no shortage of ways to create lasting memories with your beloved this Valentine's Day on Siesta Key, it is a true coastal paradise.
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Traveling to Siesta Key at Any Age

Here are some great suggestions for traveling to Siesta Key at any age.
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How to Completely Relax While on Vacation on Siesta Key

Truly relaxing on your trip involves more than just changing your physical location.  It requires a deliberate approach to unwinding and enjoying your time away.  Here are some tips to help you completely relax while on vacation to Siesta Key.
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A Home Away from Home...on Siesta Key

There are many differences when it comes to staying at The Inn on Siesta Key and a Siesta Key beach hotel.  However, the biggest difference is that it truly feels like a home away from home, not just four walls that you rent for the night.
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